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When Jeroen Janssens founded Leonis Barbam back in 2014, he had only one focus: create the best beard brand one could ever want. "Everyone focussed on scents, while my main concern was to create a product that really cared for the beard and skin," he explains.

After a strong rebranding in 2019, Jeroen decided it was time to pass the torch and focus on new projects. So Leonis Barbam moved from Antwerp to Kortrijk and stayed in Belgian hands. 

So, we would like to say 'Hi' to all people involved in the Leonis Barbam story.
We? Yes, we, as in Jurgen Holvoet & Melissa De Lombaerde. Let us take time to introduce ourselves:

  • Jurgen, beardsman, communication guy, nature person, father of 2 kids, moped warrior, Bearded Villain member and owner of a small barbershop in Bavikhove (Mom's & Pop's Barbershop). 
  • Melissa, not so bearded woman, logistics & purchase miracle, dog & beard lover, plant expert, earth explorer (as in traveler) & wanderer in all things nature. 

You'll be hearing more from us soon, so keep an eye open on our Facebook & Instagram pages. We would love to hear from you!

Stay bearded, Lion boys & girls!

Jurgen & Melissa

(Oh yeah, besides, the image on this page was us moving the whole shabang, rough and long day. We don't always look so tired, but real life happens when you least expect it... Stay real, people! 😀)

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