The Lion’s Tribe: Romain Barbershop

Our stockists are important partners in the Leonis Barbam story. They join our Lion’s Tribe and help to Beard That Lion In The Den. We would like to put them in the spotlight by telling their story and highlight our unique partnership. Next up: traditional barbershop Romain from Ghent, Belgium.

Tell us about you...

I’m Stijn De Sutter and started this shop in 2014.

As a barber I want to really create an authentic experience for our cuts & shaves. I started Romain Barbershop on the outskirts of Ghent, but 3 years later the barbershop had grown and we moved to Gentbrugge, bigger and better. We now work with 3 experienced barbers, open 7/7 from 9-21h. It’s great to see people leave the shop with a big smile. Our passion is really to pass on the craftmanship and love for classic shaves & beard trims. That’s why we also set up Romain Academy, to introduce our noble art to everyone.

Tell us about your shop/store…

Romain Barbershop is a real local Ghent city barbershop. We want to revive the passion for cut throat razors and thus offer a pleasant experience to the customer.

We only work on appointment, that way we can offer the real experience to our patrons: time and no rushing is very important for us. A classic razor shave needs time, we need to respect that.

Why did you choose Leonis Barbam?

Simple: the quality. That’s our way of life. We only work with quality products that tell a story. We don’t want just another brand, we want a brand with quality and a story that is felt (and asked for) by our customers.

What's your favorite Leonis Barbam product and why?

The wonderful beard oil. Again the reason why is simple: the quality. The beard oil isn’t too greasy and has a good balance in scents. The big bottle of 50ml offers a good value for money. We love to massage in the beard oil, but also use it after a traditional shave to moisturize the skin. Perfect.

Anything you want to share with the world?

Enjoy the craftmanship, feel the passion, but most of all: see the time and effort that has been put in this product. Be grateful that we can enjoy these little things in life. Simply enjoy!

Thanks Stijn for sharing your story and supporting the Leonis Barbam way of living. 

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