Leonis Barbam

Neptune's Hair & Beard Conditioner

Shake the Bottle, wake the Storm God.

This Spirulina curative beard and hair conditioner lives up to its name. This mask belongs in every bathroom. The care goes further than any other mask and is proof that fragile hair can regain resilience and strength.
Spirulina has been used by medicine men since ancient times. The extracts of safflower and mint are often used in today's skin care, but have a hidden talent for hair care. The powerful blend of scents brings you into an energetic and satisfied mood.

This mask works best if it can work in the hair for at least 2 minutes. While relaxing in the bath, in the shower or in the sauna, you can let it soak in as long as you want.
If Neptune himself had been soaking too long in salt water, this'd be his #1 go-to hair repair kit

Combine with Leonis Barbam Beard Oil or Beard Balm.

Now get hold of a trident! GOTTA GET A TRIDENT, BRO!!!

250 ml